I am a Consultant Paediatrician based at South Tipperary General Hospital. I have over 21 years of Paediatric experience, 11 years as a Consultant.

My interest in Tongue Tie goes back to 1999 when my first daughter Anna was born tongue tied, and I have been treating tongue ties myself since 2004. I started seeing patients on the Paediatric dayward and my practice has now grown to offering one public and two private clinics a week.

The Infant Feeding Centre

A world class service is provided at The Infant Feeding Centre situated in rural Tipperary. Our friendly team have years of experience helping families with a variety of infant feeding problems.


Welcome to our website. We offer a tongue tie and lip tie consultation and division service to infants under 12 months old. We welcome both breastfed and bottle fed babies as both can experience symptoms of tongue tie. Dr Roche has 3 dedicated tongue tie/lip tie clinics a week; 1 public and 2 private.


Why do I use a laser for division?

Why do I use a laser for division?

All divisions at The Infant Feeding Centre are completed using a CO2 laser. My personal preference is to use a laser for division of both tongue and lip ties. Having performed tongue tie divisions with scissors for 9 years before switching to laser the advantages that I have seen are greater precision of division as it is possible to visualise and divide the tie to the appropriate fascial layer. There is little to no bleeding and in my experience the babies settle faster following the procedure.

All safety requirements are met through the use of laser safety goggles and a plume extraction system.